Over 100 Oregon Cities Implement Moratoriums on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Oregon Medical MarijuanaThe number of cities imposing moratoriums on medical marijuana dispensaries continues to rise, according to thelatest data from the League of Oregon Cities.

As of last week, 104 cities and towns in Oregon have enacted at least temporary bans. Of those, five communities — Hermiston, Jacksonville and Medford  – have banned the establishments, the league said. Other cities have voted against moratoriums or are still considering imposing limits on the outlets.

A law passed earlier this year gives communities until May 1 to enact moratoriums that can extend through May 2015.

Dispensaries may also face restrictions in other communities that have business license regulations allowing only establishments that comply with federal law; Marijuana is outlawed under federal law.

The League of Oregon Cities and the Association of Oregon Counties pushed for the legislation allowing moratoriums. The league represents 242 incorporated cities.

– Noelle Crombie


(Over 100 Oregon Cities Implement Moratoriums on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries)