San Francisco is Home to the Most Pot Smokers in the US

San Francisco is Home to the Most Pot Smokers in the US - Weed Finder™ NewsThe Bay Area just reached the highest place in a recently compiled  list of America’s highest cities.

According to a government health organization, San Francisco is home to the greatest number of cannabis smokers in the Nation.

This recent study was produced by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and discovered more than 15 percent of San Franciscans (not counting children below the age of 12)  have smoked weed within the last month.

Colorado and Oregon, where recreational marijuana use is legal,  also had hefty amount of cannabis consumers within their borders.  The medical marijuana programs in Vermont and New York turned out some impressive numbers as well.

The highest percentage of weed smokers weighed-in from the Westcoast, while the South had the lowest percent of smokers.  In the Great State of Texas, roughly 4 percent of people said they used marijuana in the last 30 days.

This data would suggests there may be a connection between the overall perception of weed and its usage. People in the South told researchers that they perceived risk from marijuana (32 percent of respondents) while those from the West had the lowest (25.6 percent).

“As a result, it is useful for state and local policymakers and prevention specialists to understand the association between marijuana use and perception of great risk of harm and potential consequences to a person’s health and well-being,” the authors concluded in their report.

This would lead one to logically deduce that marijuana reform is most easily won through properly educating people on it’s endless benefits.

(San Francisco is Home to the Most Pot Smokers in the US – Weed Finder™ News)