Cal Med

973 Park Avenue
San Jose, California 95126
United States
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Cal+Med was established to help every individual feel truly cared for. Their values are our values and we treat every patient with love and respect.

We Operate in San Jose, California. Our intentions are simple; to create a safe and welcoming , professional setting. We believe the success to our mission is related to our professionalism and the Genuine service that we provide. We understand and sympathize with every patient regardless of how big or small their illnesses is. Our mission is to shed light on the many positive aspects of Medical marijuana. We want to offer our patients a different avenue of medicating themselves instead of the traditional harmful mainstream medicine that's haunting our society. We don't take our business lightly, we believe in nothing less than the highest standards when it comes to our services and medicine. Every patient is unique, every dispensary is different. It is important to know what specific medication apply to you, and that's where our knowledgeable and compassionate staff steps in.

We keep our staff updated daily on specific strands and what medication is best for various illnesses and pains. We care. We intend to abide by all laws and regulation set by the state of California. Medical cannabis in not intended for recreational use. It is to be used and regulated by registered card holders only.

Come celebrate our Grand Opening with us on Saturday, April 20th!