Arizona Bill Would Allow Medical Marijuana Research at Universities

Jake Dimmock, co-owner of the Northwest Patient Resource Center medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle, works on balancing the pH level of the soil used to grow new medical marijuana plants.. Photo by Ted S. Warren/AP

Photo by Ted S. Warren/AP

Arizona lawmakers voted Wednesday to pave the way for research at state universities that could eventually allow doctors to recommend marijuana to treat more conditions.

The state’s medical marijuana law allows it for glaucoma and AIDS and other chronic or debilitating conditions that lead to severe and chronic pain.

The state health director is required to consider expanding the list and did so last year, deciding there was not enough research to prove marijuana’s effectiveness for any more conditions.

The bill would allow that research on university campuses, though Representative Sonny Borrelli sees no need.

“I don’t think out tax dollars should be subsidizing universities for doing research that everybody is going to argue over the findings anyway,” Borrelli said.

An aide to Governor Jan Brewer, who gets the bill next, says she is open to changes that permit “legitimate, federally approved research.”

Arizona Bill Would Allow Medical Marijuana Research at Universities

Article via KJZZ News

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