Cops Using Social Media for Cannabis Busts

Cops Using Social Media for Cannabis Busts

Posting photos of marijuana to various social media sites is considered reasonable suspicion, in the eyes of the law, and cops are now using these images to lure stoners into rattraps and put them behind bars.

Just ask 30-year-old Jeremy Clayton, who, just last week, was arrested in South Carolina for allegedly selling weed to undercover sheriff’s deputies after they were tipped off that Clayton had been posting pot shots to his social media account and mocking local law enforcement.

According to reports, Clayton posted a photo to Instagram of himself sitting in front of a computer opened to the Richland County Sheriff’s Department website; he was holding a burning joint while extending his middle finger. Although local authorities did not immediately see the photo, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said a “concerned citizen” informed the department of the “disrespectful” image, which earned him a slot on their shit list.

Now, it is important for all of you reading this to understand that it is not actually a crime to post photos of marijuana, smoking paraphernalia or even middle fingers aimed at local law enforcement to your social media pages. However, such actions could piss off the cops and give them a hard-on for finding a reason to bust you… and they will try.

Unfortunately, Clayton was not smart enough to smell a rat when he was approached by undercover officers on three separate occasions looking to buy weed, and a raid of his home soon followed.

He was charged with felony distribution of marijuana and could be facing up to five years in prison… a rather stiff penalty for advertising a love for cannabis and distaste for prohibition laws.

Be careful out there, kids!

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(Cops Using Social Media for Cannabis Busts)