How Many UFC Fighters Actually Smoke Marijuana?

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan believes there is a “tremendous” amount of UFC fighters who smoke marijuana.

How Many UFC Fighters Actually Smoke Marijuana?  - Weed Finder™ NewsSeveral months ago, the UFC announced a new out-of-competition testing program that would include a minimum of 2,750 drug tests per annum, as well as dramatically increased punishments for positive tests. While the main intention of such significant change was to undercut potential rampant use of performance enhancing substances in the UFC, the USADA program will also target other recreational marijuana, and other drugs which would likely be a problem for many UFC fighters, according to Joe Rogan.

The UFC color commentator revealed on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast (h/t r/MMA) that he believes a “tremendous” amount of UFC fighters smoke marijuana and have to err on the side of caution several weeks ahead of their scheduled fights.

“Here is a weird thing about Martial Arts: a tremendous amount of UFC fighters smoke pot. I mean a massive amount, where it is a huge issue for them involving drug tests. They have to stop smoking weed for the last four weeks or so to pass drug tests.

“More UFC fighters smoke pot than don’t smoke pot.”

Nick Diaz, Pat Healy, and Alex Caceres are just three of the fighters who tested positive for marijuana metabolites over the past couple of years under the UFC banner. Diaz, who tested positive for the substance for a third time in Nevada following UFC 183, has a disciplinary hearing scheduled for September.

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