Man Ate Marijuana Stashed in Butt Before Arrest

Man Ate Marijuana Stashed in Butt Before Arrest  - Weed Finder® NewsAn Australian man took disposing of evidence to a new level when he ate cannabis he had hidden up his butt before he could be properly searched by police.

Hamish Macintyre-Cathles, 37, came before Nowra Local Court on drug supply charges on Wednesday, during which time the bizarre allegations were aired.

Police were speaking with the occupants of a vehicle on the afternoon of May 16 this year when Macintyre-Cathles, a passenger in the car, was seen to hide two small brown containers between the seats.

They were later found to contain methadone, police said.

Officers then told Macintyre-Cathles he would be subject to a strip search and he was taken to the rear of a police paddy wagon.

During the search, in which he was required to squat, it is alleged he refused to show police his anus, where officers believed he may have had more drugs secreted.

Court papers said when he finally showed officers his bottom they allegedly saw something plastic concealed in his rectum..

Macintyre-Cathles denied he had anything up his anus and was taken to Nowra Police Station for further examination, however police could not find anything during the subsequent search.

It is alleged Macintyre-Cathles then admitted to officers that he’d eaten the evidence, which he claimed was a small amount of cannabis.

Macintyre-Cathles did not enter pleas to the allegations during his brief court appearance on Wednesday, however did enter pleas of guilty to two unrelated charges of possessing a knife in a public place

The case will return to court on December 13.


(Man Ate Marijuana Stashed in Butt Before Arrest  – Weed Finder® News  |  Article Credit:  Robert Crawford/Illawarra Mercury)