The Truth About the Dispensary Raids in Seattle

The Truth About the Dispensary Raids in Seattle

The Truth About the Dispensary Raids in Seattle

UPDATE: A source in the U.S. Attorney’s Office tells KING 5 News that only four pot dispensaries were raided.

The source says the raids were a continuation of an investigation that became public in 2011 when the DEA raided several pot dispensaries. The raids were not the federal government making a statement about pot use in Washington state, the source says.

The raids involved people incriminated in 2011 who did not plead or go to trial.

— Original story —

SEATTLE — Several search warrants involving marijuana storefronts in King, Pierce, and Thurston Counties were executed Wednesday, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Criminal Defense Attorney Douglas Hiatt said he was made aware of four raids.

“What we heard from a DEA agent that talked to one of my clients that was at the scene was that there was 18 targets or 18 places that they were going to hit,” said Hiatt.

DEA spokesperson Jodie Underwood will not confirm that or provide many details about the search warrants because it is an ongoing investigation.

In Olympia, Casey Lee thought his marijuana collective was getting robbed again when he saw seven vehicles speeding into his parking lot Wednesday morning.

But when he saw the badges, he knew it was another raid.

Lee said Drug Enforcement Agents raided his clinic, Bayside Collective.

“It’s humiliating,” said Lee, who told KING 5 News the DEA seized documents and about $2,500 worth of marijuana meant for medical patients.

At Seattle Cross, medical marijuana patient Leif O’Leary was surprised to see the closed sign and a note about the DEA on the door.

“You can’t tell me there isn’t bigger fish to fry, especially now that recreational marijuana is legal. It is just to me inconceivable that this is still happening,” said O’Leary

While voters in the state said yes to legalizing marijuana last Fall, the Federal Government still says no.

“Marijuana is illegal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week under federal law. There is no defense, there is no justification,” said Hiatt.
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(The Truth About the Dispensary Raids in Seattle / Credit: King 5 News Seattle)