UFC World Champion Ronda Rousey Eats Hemp Seeds Daily

UFC World Champion Ronda Rousey Eats Hemp Seeds Daily - Weed Finder™ NewsOlympic judo medalist Ronda Rousey is the arguably the greatest fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the world’s most preeminent mixed martial arts (mma) promotional company in the world. “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey is a true superstar that has transcended her sport as she can headline UFC fighting events, like UFC 190 tomorrow in Brazil, and appear in movies like the Expendables 3 and Entourage. At one time, UFC President Dana White declared that we would “never” see women fight in the UFC; but then he met Ronda Rousey and sports history was changed forever. Rousey won the ESPN “Best Fighter” ESPY, over her male counterparts in both mma and boxing. Her accolades are well deserved as she is undefeated and has never let any of her bouts go the distance; her last two fights have lasted a combined 30 seconds. While the UFC champion has gained notoriety, most of her fans probably don’t know that Ronda Rousey eats hemp seeds for breakfast almost every morning.

As Rousey trains for her title defense against the also undefeated Bethe Correia, in the challenger’s home country of Brazil, ESPN gained all access to her training and the champ stated that her breakfast routine consists of two tablespoons of hemp seeds. The judo extraordinaire explained that her structure diet has been one of the biggest differences between her professional and amateur career. Rowdy provided Hardbody.com with her meal and training regimen:

Ronda Rousey Diet:
8:00 am: Two teaspoons oat bran, two teaspoons chia seeds, two teaspoons hemp seeds
10:00 am: Train
11:45 am: Post-exercise smoothie
12:00 pm: Farmer’s scramble: one whole egg, plus two egg whites, two sides of turkey bacon
4:00 pm: Snack: one apple, one-fourth cup raw almonds, one-fourth cup raw cashews
6:00 pm: Train – Post-exercise smoothie, da, da, da.
Before bed: Chamomile tea.

The commercial and physical benefits of hemp have gotten more and more attention recently as the public has become educated. While recent legislation has led to hemp being planted in Kentucky, Colorado and Oregon, federal law, steeped in Reefer Madness propaganda that links industrial hemp to marijuana (the two plants are cannabis cousins, but hemp doesn’t have the same psychoactive qualities of marijuana) has prevented American farmers from cultivating this profitable crop.  Unfortunately, the $300 million dollar U.S. hemp market is sending much-needed revenue overseas to China, Canada, South Korea and Russia instead of helping U.S. farmers. Hopefully, as even more people become aware of hemp’s benefits and properties, our politicians will finally legalize this important crop for widespread production. The worldwide market for hemp consists of more than 25,000 products and we literally know that hemp is the breakfast of champions. I was already a big fan of Ronda Rousey, but knowing that she is fueled by hemp seeds, I even like her a little bit more.

(UFC World Champion Ronda Rousey Eats Hemp Seeds Daily – Weed Finder™ News)