• CENSORED: 1947 Cannabis Study on Epilepsy

    CENSORED: 1947 Cannabis Study on Epilepsy

    This article was meant primarily as a tool for active News Media Reporters who needed a quick (yet well documented) source of information on the subject of Governmental Censorship as it relates to Medical Cannabis.   As such this (1947) study, which was openly published and never actually under the threat of censorship, would normally not qualify for inclusion. However, a quick look beneath the surface shows a different story.   One that reveals, wheels within wheels, circles within circles, [...]

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  • Fighting ALS with Medical Marijuana

    Fighting ALS with Medical Marijuana

    Like WF on Facebook | Follow WF on Twitter   ALS is a neurological disease that causes the body’s motor neurons to degenerate and die, resulting in a loss of muscle movement control and eventual muscle atrophy. Those who suffer from the disease experience a number of symptoms ranging from cramps and twitching to muscle weakness and depression. Once symptoms of ALS appear, the large majority of victims usually dies from respiratory failure, often within three to five years. Over the [...]

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  • Oregon's Largest Newspaper Supports Legalization of Marijuana

    Oregon’s Largest Newspaper Supports Legalization of Marijuana

    Oregon has had a wink-wink, nudge-nudge relationship with recreational marijuana use since 1998, when legalization for medical purposes created a wide, open system that distributes pot cards to just about anyone with a vague medical claim and the signature of a compliant physician. We’re not suggesting that marijuana has no palliative value to those with genuine medical problems. But let’s be honest: Recreational marijuana is all but legal in Oregon now and has been for years. Measure 91, which deserves [...]

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  • Steelers, Bell & Blount, Busted for Marijuana

    The top running back on the Steelers depth chart was arrested on Wednesday. Le’Veon Bell is facing a possession of marijuana charge and a possible DUI-marijuana charge after a cop pulled him over around 1:30 p.m. according to the Associated Press. A source told CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora that backup running back LeGarrette Blount was also in the car. However, Blount wasn’t arrested and was told he could call someone to pick him up at the scene. [...]

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  • Proof Cannabis Can Cure Cancer

      Like WF on Facebook  |  Follow WF on Twitter   One of the more promising holistic cancer treatments involves hemp oil, as promoted by Rick Simpson. According to Simpson, there are three different ways to use hemp oil: you can ingest it, vaporize it or use it as a topical oil. As evidenced by eyewitness testimonials, Hemp Oil not only cures cancer but also helps to alleviate other medical issues such as back pain, migraine headaches, ovary cysts, arthritis, [...]

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  • Card Tricks with Willie Nelson

    Like WF on Facebook  |  Follow WF on Twitter Our love of Willie Nelson knows no bounds, but it somehow still managed to grow to previously-unimaginable levels when we discovered that, on his official YouTube channel, Texas’ national troubadour is now hosting “Card Tricks With Willie,” in which he shows off some of his favorite things to do with a deck of cards to an unsuspecting guest. We’re not actually sure that Willie will be revisiting “Card Tricks With Willie,” [...]

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  • Brothers Beheaded for Marijuana Trafficking in Saudi Arabia

    Brothers Beheaded for Marijuana Trafficking in Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia is apparently very strict when it comes to drug trafficking. Four brothers were reportedly beheaded after they were found attempting to transport the illegal substance into the kingdom.  Severed heads lie on a banner, threatening a rival drug gang, in the municipality of Puente de Ixtla, in the outskirts of Cuernavaca July 12, 2012. Six severed human heads were found early Thursday in two different sites, three of them in front of a kindergarten, in the municipalities of [...]

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  • Jaycee Chan Arrested for Cannabis in Beijing

    Jackie Chan’s Son Could Face Execution for Marijuana Charges

    Like WF on Facebook  |  Follow WF on Twitter   Chinese actor and singer Jaycee Chan was arrested for marijuana consumption and possession in Beijing Monday. The son of Jackie Chan, he could face up to three years in prison or, at worst, even execution if convicted. Last night, China Central Television (CCTV) reported that Beijing police had arrested 32-year-old Jaycee Chan, real name Fang Zuming, and Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung. Both tested positive for marijuana consumption. The younger Chan was [...]

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  • Colorado’s Rollout of Legal Marijuana Is Succeeding

    Colorado’s Rollout of Legal Marijuana Is Succeeding

    In November 2012, Colorado voters decided to experiment with marijuana, passing a constitutional amendment legalizing recreational cannabis. It was a bold move, but it also required quick, bold, and unprecedented action on the part of the state government to implement the policy. Colorado needed to set up a legal, regulatory, and tax system so that product would be available in dispensaries by January 1, 2014. As part of an examination of Colorado’s implementation and rollout, Brookings’ John Hudak spent a week [...]

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  • These 5 Groups Are Standing in the Way of You and Legal Marijuana

    These 5 Groups Are Standing in the Way of You and Legal Marijuana

    A new OpenSecrets report has revealed some of the biggest donors to anti-marijuana legalization campaigns and politicians — and there’s serious money involved. When marijuana reform laws are on the ballot in your state, you should know that people with a financial interest in keeping marijuana illegal are bankrolling those scare ads and anti-pot PSAs. Here are the five biggest groups OpenSecrets thinks have ulterior motives in mind for backing the War on Drugs. 1. Police unions Police unions are major donors to anti-legalization efforts, probably because a [...]

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  • D.C. Voters to Decide on Marijuana Use in November

    D.C. Voters to Decide on Marijuana Use in November

    D.C. residents will vote in November on whether to legalize marijuana use in the nation’s capital after elections officials decided Wednesday to place the question on the ballot. The three-member D.C. Board of Elections voted unanimously Wednesday morning to approve the ballot initiative, certifying that activists gathered the tens of thousands of voter signatures necessary to qualify for the Nov. 4 general election ballot. Several of those activists attended Wednesday’s meeting and cheered the vote, which moves the District closer to [...]

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  • Since Marijuana Legalization, Highway Fatalities in Colorado are at Near-Historic Lows

    Since Marijuana Legalization, Highway Fatalities in Colorado are at Near-Historic Lows

    Since Colorado voters legalized pot in 2012, prohibition supporters have warned that recreational marijuana will lead to a scourge of “drugged divers” on the state’s roads. They often point out that when the state legalized medical marijuana in 2001, there was a surge in drivers found to have smoked pot. They also point to studies showing that in other states that have legalized pot for medical purposes, we’ve seen an increase in the number of drivers testing positive for the drug who were involved [...]

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Recent News

  • Former Prison May Be Converted Into A Marijuana Shop

    Former Prison May Be Converted Into A Marijuana Shop

    In a fitting encapsulation of how the tables have turned on U.S. marijuana policy, a former correctional facility in rural Colorado may one day be the site of a marijuana dispensary. Earlier this year, Nicholas Erker, an agricultural businessman from the region, purchased the High Plains Correctional Facility in Brush, Colorado, on the rural plains about 100 miles northeast of Denver. Erker has already put in a formal request to the Brush City Council to lift the moratorium on the [...]

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  • The Great Colorado Weed Experiment

    The Great Colorado Weed Experiment

    In January, Colorado defied the federal government and stepped with both feet into the world of legal recreational marijuana, where no state had gone before. For seven months Coloradans have been lawfully smoking joints and inhaling cannabis vapors, chewing marijuana-laced candies and chocolates, drinking, cooking and lotioning with products infused with cannabis oil. They are growing their own weed, making their own hash oil and stocking up at dispensaries marked with green crosses and words like “health,” “wellness” and “natural [...]

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  • Which College Athletes Smoke the Most Weed?

    Which College Athletes Smoke the Most Weed?

    Who are the biggest pothead college jocks? As it turns out, lacrosse players smoke more weed than any other type of college athlete, according to an NCAA survey. Their rate of use actually exceeds use among college students overall by over 15%. Across college-level baseball, basketball, football, golf, soccer, swimming, tennis, track and wrestling, cannabis use ranges from 18.2-32.7% of players in 2013. But among lacrosse players, an astounding 46.3% reported using marijuana — that’s actually down from 49.4% in 2005. Alcohol appears [...]

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  • Imagine Pot Was Legal. How Would You Brand It?

    Imagine Pot Was Legal. How Would You Brand It?

    Woeful state budgets have relit the long-burning debate about pot legalization—couldn’t California rescue itself by making weed legal, then taxing it? Meanwhile, more than 40% of Americans now favor legalization–which is the highest portion since the 1980s; Nate Silver, at FiveThirtyEight, has watched the trends and estimates that popular support will become overwhelming in 15 years time. So Print, the hoary graphic-design magazine, posed a challenge to four top designers: How should the package of legal weed actually look? Each of them took [...]

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  • A Hugely Important Swing State Is Set to Legalize Medical Marijuana

    A Hugely Important Swing State Is Set to Legalize Medical Marijuana

      A massive majority of Floridians want weed legalized in their state, with a new Quinnipiac pollshowing that an overwhelming 88% of likely voters favor medical marijuana. With a highly anticipated medical marijuana voter initiative due in November, legalization is imminent in the fourth largest state in the country. Support for legalization is strong across all demographics, even traditionally conservative groups that are less likely to favor medical marijuana legalization. Just look at these numbers: – A stunning 80% of Republicans polled support [...]

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  • Why Cannabis Smokers’ Clubs are Flourishing in Barcelona

    Why Cannabis Smokers’ Clubs are Flourishing in Barcelona

    A faint smell of cannabis smoke hangs in the air as Susana relaxes on the sofa with her mother Juana and lights up a joint. Welcome to Pachamama – one of the hundreds of cannabis clubs that are making Barcelona rival Amsterdam as a smoker’s haven. With shelves full of books and board games, the place could be someone’s sitting room, except for a hookah pipe and photographs of hemp plants similar to the ones the club grows. “This is the safest [...]

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  • California Hemp Gets Rolling

    California Hemp Gets Rolling

    Green, twenty-foot-tall fields of research hemp might be waving in the Davis breeze by the next year in a startling breakthrough for California hemp advocates who have been working for decades to grow the plant. The California Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2013 combined with the 2014 federal farm bill has unlocked the possibility of legally growing the ancient food, fuel, and fiber crop. “It’s remarkable. I’m quite thrilled,” said longtime San Francisco hemp lawyer Patrick Goggin. “We had no [...]

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  • A Toast? How About a Toke? Marijuana Is a Welcome Wedding Guest in Colorado and Washington State

    A Toast? How About a Toke? Marijuana Is a Welcome Wedding Guest in Colorado and Washington State

    Earlier this month, when Ellen Epstein arrived at the Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, Colo., for the wedding of her friends Lauren Meisels and Bradley Melshenker, she, like the other guests, found a gift bag waiting for her in her hotel room. But rather than a guide to activities in the area or a jar of locally made honey, the canvas bag contained a rolled joint, a lighter and lip balm infused with mango butter and cannabis, along with this [...]

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  • New York Times Editorial Board Calls For Legalization Of Marijuana

    The most authoritative paper in the United States has put its weight behind the federal legalization of marijuana, a momentous endorsement in the prolonged fight to end to the criminalization of marijuana that has been in place since 1937. Debuting what is to be a six-part series, The New York Times editorial board called for an end to the “prohibition” of marijuana, saying the current ban “[inflicts] great harm on society just to prohibit a substance far less dangerous than alcohol.” The interactive series [...]

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