Oklahoma Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Oklahoma Legalizes Medical Marijuana - Weed Finder NewsOklahoma, one of the reddest and most conservative states in the U.S., voted Tuesday to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, adopting some of the most liberal weed laws in the union.

Voters approved State Question 788 by 56.8 percent, despite a concerted effort against the bill by law enforcement, religious groups, and the business community.

The decision, which makes Oklahoma the 30th state to legalize and regulate medical weed, allows those given a two-year license to possess up to eight ounces of marijuana, six mature plants, and six seedlings, as well as edibles and concentrated forms of the drug.

Controversially, Oklahoma’s law allows doctors to use discretion in prescribing the drug to any patient they think will benefit from it, unlike most other states, where the substance is only available to those suffering from a set list of ailments.



(Oklahoma Legalizes Medical Marijuana – Weed Finder News  |  Article Credit: VICE News/David Gilbert, Video Credit: CBS News)