Watch This Little Girl’s Seizure Stop When Given Emergency Cannabis Oil

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By now nearly everyone that is paying attention knows that cannabis is a highly effective seizure treatment. In the last two years, nearly every state in the Union without medical marijuana laws on the books has seen legislation introduced, in many cases driven by parent advocacy groups comprised of parents of children with severe seizure disorders, most notably Dravet Syndrome.

In many of these cases states have rushed to pass legislation approving cannabis extracts that are high in Cannabidiol (CBD) and low in Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), thus the popularity of strains such as Charlotte’s Web. And while it may seem that such a heavily-manipulated strain, such as Charlotte’s Web, is what is required to treat seizures without the “high”, the truth is there is a relatively simple way to create a cannabis extract from material that is high in THC that is just as effective as CBD extracts, and it can be done without any psychoactive effects.

With Cannabis Cyndimae Can Live

Since being diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome at the age of 10 months, 11 year-old Cyndimae Meehan’s mother Susan has seen her little girl endure thousands of seizures, each one causing more damage to her frail body than the last. She has watched and worried as Cyndimae has tried every single pharmaceutical drug on the market, all with little or no positive effect.

In November of 2013 Susan took Cyndimae’s treatment in to her own hands and moved her daughter to Maine, where she became a kitchen chemist and began creating a cannabis extract that is high in THCA and CBG, has moderate amounts of THC and is low in CBD (though Susan has recently begun adding small amounts of CBD). Taking a scientific approach, Susan has been able to create both a daily maintenance dose of the medicine as well as an emergency treatment which, when rubbed on Cyndimae’s gums, stops her now-infrequent seizures in less than 30 seconds. Susan’s “recipe” is included at the end of this article.

Here is a video of Cyndimae being treated with her emergency seizure treatment.
(TRIGGER WARNING: This video shows someone having a seizure.)

Part 2, this video shows Cyndimae coming out of a short postictal state as she begins to recover from her seizure.

30 minutes later Cyndimae is up, coherent and eating a banana.
(Warning: May cause eye leakage)

Susan’s brave choice to to move to a state where medical cannabis is legal so she could legally and safely provide her daughter with the medicine she needs in order to survive was no small undertaking, though there is little doubt those actions saved Cyndimae’s life. Susan has been successful in eliminating 90% of Cyndimae’s seizures, while at the same time removing 90% of the pharmaceuticals from her diet.

You can help

Choosing her daughter’s life has had one unfortunate side effect, however, in that it has wiped out her family’s finances. Susan was forced to quit her job and move to Maine, where she must still maintain a separate residence in Connecticut for her oldest daughter. Susan must also pay for a doctor to oversee Cyndimae’s health, medicine and laboratory testing to ensure that each batch of cannabis oil is identical to the last. Susan even admits that she has attempted to file for bankruptcy, but is never in the same state long enough to complete the process.

Susan has started a fundraising campaign so she can continue providing life-saving medicine to her daughter. Please click the button below to learn more about Cyndimae and contribute if you are able.

Watch This Little Girl’s Seizure STOP When Given Emergency Cannabis Oil

Article by Stephen Bradley for Healthy Hopes