Willie Nelson’s New Line of Marijuana Strains, Willie’s Reserve

Willie’s Reserve

Willie’s Reserve was one of the first celebrity brands of cannabis as well we as being one of the first connoisseur brands. It carries the name and branding power of the legendary-musician and, “Red-headed Stranger,” Willie Nelson.

The Willie’s Reserve product range includes gram, one-eighth, and quarter-ounce sizes of marijuana flower. There are also gram and half-gram pre-rolled joints, as well as, disposable vape pens and standard vape pen cartridges with CO2-extracted cannabis concentrates. Marijuana infused chocolates are also in the Country Music Legend’s line-up, plus accessories like t-shirts, hats, and bandanas.

Variations of the exclusive offering of cannabis flowers for Willie’s top-shelf brand include: Lemon Skunk (hyrid), Golden Goat (satvia), Dutch Treat (indica), DJ Andy (satvia), and White Fire X Tahoe OG (indica).

Independent Farmers

All products in the line-up are grown by independent farmers. This is important as Willie’s Reserve is a connoisseur’s brand – the precise origin and growing process of the Star’s exclusive marijuana strains is absolutely crucial.


The farmers that supply the marijuana for Willie’s Reserve products include:

  • Select Label – a farmer from Moses Lake, Washington
  • Northwest Harvesting Co. – from Elma, Washington
  • Bloom County – an award-winning cannabis farmer from Denver, Colorado
  • Southern Charm Organics – from Gunnison, Colorado
  • The Flower Collective – from Nederland, Colorado
  • Sundance Gardens – a farmer from Denver, Colorado who has been growing cannabis since 2009
  • Silver Stem Fine Cannabis – from Denver, Colorado

In addition to specific quality control requirements during cannabis growing, all farmers who supply marijuana for the Willie’s Reserve line must farm in an environmentally friendly way.

Celebrity brands of cannabis are treated as gimmicks by many, but Nelson’s connection with the issue of legal marijuana is long-standing. He has been involved with NORML – the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws – for several years, including being the co-chair of its advisory board.

Nelson also has a well-known passion for the different marijuana strains and other variations and effects of cannabis.  He, along with his decorated team, has used this beneficial knowledge and interest to create the high quality products in the Willie’s Reserve line.


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