Federal Marijuana Prohibition Ended by Congress

Federal Marijuana Prohibition Ended by Congress - Weed Finder™ NewsHidden away deep in the 1,603-page federal spending measure is a clause that stops the federal government’s banning of medical marijuana which is a huge change regarding drug policies.

The bill was passed over the weekend, and this is the first time that Congress has approved of a nationwide legislation supported by cannabis reformers. This stops about twenty years of strain between states and the government over medical marijuana. Now, because of the bill, states that have legalized medical marijuana do not need to fear that the Drug Enforcement Administration will come in raiding their stores; agents are no longer allowed to do so.

The Obama administration has followed that rule since last year as policy, but now, the measure approved the spending bill, which Obama will sign sometime this week, will make it an actual law. Marijuana reformers have encouraged Congress to support the administration’s policy, which they said could easily be changed depending on who comes into office next year.



(Federal Marijuana Prohibition Ended by Congress – Weed Finder™ News | Article Credit: MarijuanaStocks.com)