Groups Organize to Legalize Marijuana in Texas

TexasMedicalMarijuanaThe debate is reaching an all time high in Lubbock. The Hub City NORML group is wanting to legalize marijuana by weeding out the skeptics. They want the old laws to go up in smoke.
For Colt Smith it’s more than a t-shirt, but a belief and message.
“We hope to see people using cannabis responsibly, and not have to be in fear of handcuffs,” he said.
Smith is Executive Director of Hub City NORML. It is a marijuana rights group, and is part of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
“Hub City NORML is the only chapter within a 350 mile radius,” he said.
Marijuana rights advocates say it’s time for a change and a repeal on prohibition.
Paul Bullock is a Hub City NORML member. He said, “We should stop incarcerating and punishing and rather put this on the health aspect rather than the judicial aspect of our laws.”
“Roughly 75 percent are in favor of medical marijuana,” Smith said. “For me, that is my biggest concern is that adequate medicine and can be placed in the hands of patients that need it.”
For more than 30 years he’s fought the drug war on the border. Now, Terry Nelson has turned a new leaf on legalizing marijuana.
“By legalizing cannabis you would arrest about 8,000 less of our citizens a year and put them in a cage for smoking a plant that causes no harm to anyone else,” Nelson said.
Lubbock State Representative Charles Perry said in the past, legislation has been introduced to legalize marijuana, and has always failed. But, he doesn’t expect to stop hearing about it.
“So the idea that we just make it legal and makes everybody feel responsible with it doesn’t make sense to me, and what I see is an expansion of a market,” Perry said.
The Hub City NORML group is bringing awareness by hosting a music fest and conference, which will feature several speakers and 17 bands at the Depot District O Bar.
“And five speakers providing ted-style talks about the future of cannabis law in Texas,” Smith said. “They will talk about there areas of expertise in the drug war, and to talk about strategies on how we can change our thinking and change our laws in Texas.”
The group doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon, it’s planning a 5-k and other awareness events
The Hub City NORML conference and music fest is going on Friday night and will continue Saturday night. For more information on the group and event click here.

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(Groups Organize to Legalize Marijuana in Texas / Credit: Fox 34 News’ (Lubbock, Tx) Henry Ramos (