Joel Naselroad: In Prison And Brutally Shot By Police For 3 Cannabis Plants

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Joel Naselroad may be in jail today but his tragic story exemplifies the police state that countless Americans are fighting against. As Naselroad suffers in jail, Americans all over the nation are wondering why a judge would still find reason to imprison Naselroad for the tragic event that happened on October 8th, 2013.

An article posted just a few days ago in the Kentucky Free Press on July 18th gives details to the events that led to the shooting of Naselroad. The article depicts Naselroad as a fun loving outdoorsman who enjoys gardening and repairing things such as computers, bicycles and lawn equipment.

According to the article, a man had trespassed onto the Naselroad’s property the morning of October 7th, one day before the shooting. Naselroad knew this because he had been videotaping an area on his family’s property in order to find out if a mountain lion existed in the area. When he replayed the film from October 7th, he could see that a man wearing a black face mask and dressed in hunting gear had been on the property. The man has been identified as Eric Miller (pictured below), the daughter’s boyfriend of the woman who called the police in order to investigate the cannabis plants growing on the Naselroad’s property.

What happened next is very disturbing. On the morning of October 8th, 3 state police officers and a Sheriff’s deputy participated in a “Knock and Talk” which is a procedure police sometimes use when they do not have what they need for a search warrant.  Out of the 4 officers only one was dressed in uniform and, according to the article, the officer dressed in uniform was never seen by Naselroad.

Naselroad’s mother, who is suffering from brain cancer and recently had brain surgery, answered the front door to find an officer dressed in uniform and another officer dressed in plain clothes. While Naselroad’s mother answered the front door, Naselroad walked out the back door and the three officers not in uniform approached him, one pointing a gun at him. In result, Naselroad aimed his unloaded rifle at the officers and then he was shot by one of the officers not dressed in uniform that had previously killed a person with one gunshot in 2006.

According to Naselroad’s father, “the path of the bullet entered his chest, broke his ribs, punctured his lung and bounced off his vertebrae before blowing a large divot of flesh from his back.” Quickly after Naselroad was shot, he was handcuffed and then airlifted to the  University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center.

Naselroad’s Attorney, Tucker Richardson, said during my interview with him that Naselroad’s mother was not allowed by the officers to comfort her son after he was shot and shortly after Naselroad had been put in the hospital, the police removed the family from the room Naselroad was located in so the police could stand-by and guard the room during Naselroad’s hospital stay.

Right now, Naselroad is serving a 120 day sentence and is major discomfort due to the injuries he sustained during the brutal attack. The only medicine he is able to get for his pain while in jail is aspirin. The pain and agony that Naselroad and his family is going through can be understood by reading the 18 letters sent to Judge Clouse before Naselroad’s sentencing, all are displayed at the bottom of the Kentucky Free Press article.

As we have reported on, people across America are now becoming aware of the extraordinary medicinal benefits due to the stories of Shona Banda and Charlotte Figi. Not only that, we now have a Governor that is CEO of Cannabis Sativa which is producing marijuana lozenges for people who want to use it for medicinal or recreational purposes.

It’s incredible in today’s world that we can have a group of individuals in the medical community that embrace the benefits of cannabis while at the same time we have so many in law enforcement who use brutal force to stop its existence.

Now that you are informed, those of us at encourage you to take action!

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Joel Naselroad: In Prison And Brutally Shot By Police For 3 Cannabis Plants

Article by Evan Mulch for Ben Swann