Michigan To Amend Marijuana Law

MichiganMedicalMarijuanaMichigan is set to change its existing laws on medical marijuana. The proposed changes in the law include new rules for the doctor-patient relationship, and extension of the registration for one year to two years. The amendment will take effect on Monday.

In an opinion poll held in 2008, a good number of people in the state voted in favor of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. However, the lawmakers later on turned away from legalizing marijuana, pointing out that an open law would lead to misuse of the drug. The prospective amendment would require both the doctors and patients to produce adequate documents. The authorities would then examine the documents before certifying it, in order to let limit the amount of marijuana patients can have. Phil Cavanagh, Democratic Rep. of Redford Township in Wayne County was quoted as saying that the certificates that allow patients to have marijuana were given too liberally, even without a proper examination. The authorities are now concerned about tightening the rules in place for doctors giving the certificates to their patients.

As per the change, the doctors are now required to examine their patients thoroughly and determine whether the patients’ illness can be listed under any of the debilitating physical conditions to be treated with marijuana. The patients are also required to keep a follow up with their physicians and see whether the treatment with marijuana reduces the illness. Sources report that doctors and physicians coming into the town from outside states prescribe marijuana to their patients, and leave town. The patients do not get any follow up from their physicians and keep on obtaining the drug with their prescription in hand. There is no doubt that this can lead to lethal health issues in the patients in the long run.

The new law which will come into effect on Monday will require the patients to submit their address proof, including place of residence, driver’s license and state ID, to avail the $100 certificate. The doctor’s endorsement will have an extended validity from one year to two. The recent statistics show that there are about 131,000 registered medical marijuana patients in the state. Apart from this, there are 27,000 caregivers – people who can grow pot on behalf of the patients.

Though the law of 2008 prohibits medical marijuana dispensaries, the bill sponsored by the Rep. Mike Callton of Nashville legalizes shops that sell marijuana. With all these developments on various bills and laws on marijuana, there is no doubt that the coming days will see more debates on the topic.

Michigan To Amend Marijuana Law

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