New TSA Policy Prohibits Medical Marijuana on Flights

New TSA Policy Prohibits Medical Marijuana on Flights - WeedFinder NewsNew changes to the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) website said it was OK to fly with medical cannabis, then they changed their minds.

On April 5, TSA replaced its “Prohibited Items” page with a new “What Can I Bring?” page.  This new section on medical marijuana initially said it was OK for patients to bring medical marijuana in a carry-on, or checked, bag.  But it appears they immediately changed their position, or made a mistake somewhere.

“There was an error in the database of a new search tool that is now corrected,” TSA officials said in a recently released statement. “While we have no regulations on possessing/transporting marijuana, possession is a crime under Federal law.”

Unfortunately, this policy reversal means that medical marijuana is not allowed on flights, devolving the stipulation it used to have permitting this activity.  This is the first negative play on marijuana by the Trump Administration, and it is likely to be an unpopular one.

While agents are not actively searching for cannabis, that does not infer that traveler’s bags won’t be flagged for inspection because of suspicions.  And, while it remains a non-priority, TSA officers legally “have to report [narcotics] to law enforcement when discovered,” TSA released in its’ statement

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(New TSA Policy Prohibits Medical Marijuana on Flights – Weed Finder® News)