That 70′s show – Funniest High Circle [VIDEO]

That 70's show - Funniest High Circle [VIDEO]That 70s Show was a show that gave an amusing rendition of what life was like for people growing up in the 70s. The show spans 1976 to 1980. In the 70s, as many of you know, drugs were very prevalent. Maybe a little too prevalent. You could easily get most any drug that you needed and that included good old marijuana. If you are a fan of that 70s show, then by now you certainly know about their basement scenes that involved lots and lots of toking.  Sounds familiar?  Haha.  Some things never change!

Here’s one  of the funniest basement cypher scenes of That 70s Show, with a cameo from one of our favorite cannabis activists, Tommy Chong.


(That 70′s show – Funniest High Circle [VIDEO]  |  WF News)