The Frontlines of the Cannabis Movement in Australia

Alex Impey is breaking the law selling his customers marijuana, but as long as he keeps hearing stories that the drug is helping them cope with pain, he couldn’t care less.

And business for medicinal marijuana is booming, with Mr Impey telling Daily Mail Australia he receives 20 new requests for help each week at his hemp store, Gnostic Hemporium, on the NSW Central Coast, north of Sydney.

 ’I've got people coming in all the time, who have everything from cancer to early onset Parkinson’s,’ the father of two said.

‘And that woman [with Parkinson's] has had remarkable results when using the cannabis, it stopped her shuddering.’

‘And mate, there are two blokes who both have daughters with childhood epilepsy and they have only good things to say about the effect it has had on their kids, so I will keep doing it.’

One of those ‘blokes’ is Peter Rule.

His three-year-old daughter, Larisa, suffered brain damage at birth, leaving her partially blind and deaf, and with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Within two days she was having up to 60 uncontrollable seizures a day – some lasting more than an hour.

Doctors, said her mother Jaylen Siery, tried almost everything to stop the convulsions and even considered brain surgery.

So when traditional approaches did nothing to relieve her suffering, her parents, turned to less conventional methods, having heard the benefits others had had from a dose of liquid cannabis.

Results, they insist, were immediate. Within 24 hours Larisa’s seizures were down to just five a day.

Ms Siery, 22, told Daily Mail Australia: ‘People tell me I’m a terrible mother and they say things like “you wouldn’t give your daughter heroin”.

‘But little do they realise, most of the medicines the doctors gave us before had opium in – the same plant heroin is derived from,’ she said.

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