Veterans, Children Fighting for Medical Marijuana Legalization

(FOX 46) – A growing number of North Carolinians are fighting for medical marijuana in their state.

Following the November 2016 election, 29 states and Washington D.C. either allow medical marijuana or have voted to allow it. Medical marijuana is illegal in North Carolina.

“It’s a miracle drug to me,” U.S. military veteran Perry Parks said.

Parks, who lives in Rockingham, N.C., uses marijuana to treat PTSD.

“Most of the soldiers don’t talk about it because it’s too ugly to talk about,” Parks added.

N.C. House of Representatives member Kelly Alexander, who has introduced medical marijuana legislation in the past, is looking into pushing for a medical marijuana referendum to be placed on the Nov. 2017 ballot.



(Veterans, Children Fighting for Medical Marijuana Legalization – Weed Finder® News  |  Article Credit: Fox46)