World’s Largest Marijuana Locator Service launches April 20 in Denver Unleashes First-Ever Search-by-Strain Feature - Weed Finder™ NewsApproximately one year ago, ground was broken on a new website that promises to be an essential tool for harnessing and enhancing the rapid growth in the burgeoning global marijuana industry. is a well-oiled machine, ingeniously engineered with easy access to information at no cost to users. is now entering the ring to answer the information-sharing problems hampering efficient cannabis commerce. The recently soft-launched (beta) site puts members of this niche-community in direct contact instantly, regardless of geographical location.

What makes different from other marijuana dispensary-locator sites? The answer is: quite a bit actually. With over 18,000+ business listings worldwide, it literally lives up to its designation as “The World’s Largest Online Cannabis-Industry Resource.” Using proprietary software, enhanced with Geo location and fueled by Social Media, the hybrid website provides up-to-date information on relevant marijuana legislation, news, locations, contacts, reviews, menus, photos, videos and more on cannabis-related business internationally. efficiently serves up the latest on dispensaries, co-operatives, and collectives as well as delivery services and doctors. A colossus of information, the site has an ongoing list of categories offering hair-trigger access to anything the marijuana culture should desire from grow shops and seed banks to head shops and attorneys. already houses approximately five times more listings than comparable sites and plans to add more areas in the near future.

This comprehensive portal into the marijuana community also offers complete Social Media Integration, by syndicating to all relevant social media platforms, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn. Business owners or their patrons can “share,” “like,” “pin,” or “favorite” their own Business listing pages. The social media feature helps promote the organic growth of the businesses housed under’s umbrella by allowing them to effortlessly acquire organic search results on the Web, an dresidual organic growth with virtually no maintenance.

With innovations and modifications to come, is already light-years ahead of its competition offering Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEM). Also among the plethora of built-in features on the site are Add-to-Favorites and Email-to-Friend links, advanced Google-mapping features, Skype-compatible Send-to-Phone, click-to-call features, and links to the websites of member businesses. The majority of these features are not offered on comparable sites to

To stay current and vital, continually reinvests in keyword and banner ad campaigns, pay-per-clicks, social media and a variety of other forms of marketing — all hyper-localized around the client’s business. The main vision for the future is to optimize their already exemplary iPhone and Android mobile applications currently available for free download from their mobile app stores (search: “weedfinder”).
As acceptance builds and university-research broadens, is poised at the forefront to bridge the gap between business owners and consumers as the global cannabis industry emerges and thrives.

Perfect Timing
Conceived and built by some of the brightest minds from around the world, is pleased to announce the official unveiling of, “The World’s Largest Online Cannabis-Industry Resource” at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado on April 20th, 2013. The event will be the first Cannabis Cup ever on U.S. soil (thanks to Colorado voters effectively ending marijuana prohibition in late 2012). In attendance will be actors from Discovery Channel’s Weed Country as well as special musical guest Tribal Seeds.



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World’s Largest Marijuana Locator Service launches April 20 in Denver